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vocalist, full-time working composer, multi-instrumentalist, and a SAG/AFTRA actress, who fronts a Los Angeles-based Symphonic Rock band called Lolita Dark

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A Bit About Me

Her life in music started at 4years old, as she composed her very first full length pop song about her mother. Her library now consists with 100’s of published and or ready to be published songs. The versatilities in her writing ranges from ABBA to ZAPPA.


Growing up in Japanese pop culture Rayko was constantly influenced by diverse genres of music. Rayko’s sister was heavily into European and American Rock, Pop, and Classical music, and throughout her childhood their parents held monthly, in-home, Jazz concerts. Early on, Rayko realized music was her calling, and moved to US to pursuit her dream, by her early teens.
After picking up some modeling and acting jobs Rayko was able to make her very first US demo. She then walked up and down Melrose ave, and went to every college campus in LA and OC to promote her music, and to build her current fan base.

For several years Rayko took vocal lessons in Opera from Ron Anderson, and Metal from Brian Williams of MI. Rayko learned to use her voice as her main instrument, and she is one of the very few female vocalists who possesses the vocal technique of Pop, metal, death metal, opera, classical, jazz, and even cross over country.  Rayko plays piano, guitar, and some drums, and is currently learning Koto and electric violin, to further expand herself as a musician. All about Rayko


In recent years Rayko became a strong advocate for suicide prevention. Rayko and her co- writer Frank Kilpatrick decided to team up with a Suicide Specialist Dr. Mark Goulston from UCLA, and suicide survivor Kevin Hines, to produce the multi award winning documentary video “Stay Alive” (now available on Amazon Prime Video).

Rayko is working hard to reach out to her beloved community of Anime and Gaming, to help save one despaired soul at a time.


Vocalist for Happy Ride with Baymax Tokyo Disneyland (Disney Entertainment)


Session vocalist on an up-and-coming Disney Entertainment project



Vocalist/Actress on a season 5/10 episode of Eric Andre Show (Adult Swim)



Composer/Performer for Amazon Prime 2-time Emmy Winning hit series The Man in The


High Castle (S01E02 “Until We Meet Again” & S02E03 “Sumidagawa”)



Composer/Performer of the ending credit Forgiveness for The Wolves of Saving Hill featuring Kurt Fuller (Pursuit of Happiness, Supernatural), Michael Masse (The Amazing Spiderman) and Jack McGee (Moneyball)



Composer/Performer for Music Meditation program Gratitude Video (Amazon Alexa,, Apple Podcast)



Vocalist/Performer on the Opening Gala at Animal exhibit in LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) at Peterson’s Automobile Museum



Vocalist/Performer for the fundraising dinner event for Animal exhibit in LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) at Ray’s restaurant at LACMA



Composer/Performer of the theme song for the award winning Stay Alive suicide prevention documentary film



…and more!



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