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Signed, Sealed, and Delivered! 5 year Exclusive Contract with Mpath Music!

I am quite humbled to announce that my album got released worldwide by Mpath Music through APM and EMI !!

This experience made me become a music composer on a whole new level. The challenges in composing Library Music for Films and TV shows are completely different than composing for myself, fellow artists, and/or the bands I've been in.

The theme of my album is "Empowerment" If you know me well enough you know I believe my calling is to liberate, respect, protect, and honor all sentient beings. I am extremely vocal against all cruelty, abuse, and discrimination, and am all about living ethically with fellow creatures we share this planet with. I project my desires using lots of imagery in all of the tracks on this album "Fire of Love"

Please take a listen!!

@mpath_music supported me a great deal during the journey, and I learned so much from amazing composers like Chris Henson and Guy Michelmore.

I feel the healthy confidence that is far from ego today and I am embracing that in this moment as I share this excitement with you. I am grateful.

Thank you to everyone who has beech cheering me on through my career as an artist for music, and an advocate for the voiceless.

Special thanks to: @mpath_music @dope_panels my husband @airainbalen , my best friend for life Joey Felix, and my magnificent teammates @frankikmusic , @rufusdumont (someday I’ll win The Grammy like you ), the one and only @arifhodzic , and @eddiegreymusic for the special introductions.

Love to all!!


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